About White Rock Lake Conservancy

Dallas’ urban oasis, White Rock Lake has brought a countless number of visitors over its history. Originally designed as a water source for Dallas, the city lake has since become one of the premier getaway destinations for Dallas residents.

White Rock Lake, spans more than 1,015 acres and is over nine miles around. Enjoyed by over 1 million users a year, White Rock Lake offers breathtaking views of downtown with easy accessibility to residents throughout North Texas. The lake is home to wildlife, cyclists, runners, walkers, rowers, bird watchers, fishers, picnickers and other outdoors enthusiasts. Cultural, sports and others events are held at the lake throughout the year.

Founded in 2008, the White Rock Lake Conservancy partners with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department to preserve, raise awareness and protect White Rock Lake. The Conservancy hopes to improve the Lake through major fundraising initiatives. 

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